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Flat and countersunk head, diamond point, smooth shank and flut shank.
Concrete nails application:
Concrete nails are widely used for concrete walls, stone and masonry structure and other building construction purpose.
Concrete nails packing:
(1). In small box of 100 pcs each, 10 such boxes in a medium box, then several of which in a carton.
(2). In small box of 1kg each, 20 boxes in a carton.
(3). Loose in carton of 20/25kgs net.

      Galvanized Square Boat Nails
Nail Length Gauge No. Nail Length Gauge No.
1" 14BWG 2" 12BWG
  15BWG 2-1/2" 10BWG
  16BWG 3" 8BWG
1-1/4" 14BWG 3-1/2" 7BWG
1-1/2" 13BWG 4" 6BWG
  14BWG 5" 5BWG
1-3/4" 13BWG 6" 4BWG