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Square Wire Mesh(Hardware Cloth) is made of seleted low carbon iron wire with Uniform Mesh Hole, Fine Rust Resistance and Durable Service.
It is widely used in Industries and constructions to sieve sands stones; It is also used as Window Screening, Filtering Liquid and Gas, and Grain Sieving, Etc.
Square Wire Mesh  Square Wire Mesh


Assortments Available:

1.) Undulated(Crimped) Square Iron Wire Mesh

2.) Standard Plain Weaving Square wire Mesh

Hot Dipped Galvanized After Weaving
Hot Dipped Galvanized Before Weaving
Electro Galvanized After Weaving
Electro Galvanized Before Weaving
Black Iron Wire Mesh

The following specifications are mainly used in industries, constructions and agriculture which for your reference.

Specifications of Square Wire Mesh Available
mesh Wire Gauge (Diameter) BWG Width
2 mesh 18,19 0.6M-1.2M
3 mesh 19,20,21 0.6M-1.2M
4 mesh 20,21,22,23 0.6M-1.2M
5 mesh 22,23,24,25 0.6M-1.2M
6 mesh 22,23,24,25,26 0.6M-1.2M
7 mesh 23,24,25,26 0.6M-1.2M
8 mesh 24,25,26,27 0.6M-1.2M
10 mesh 28,29,30 0.6M-1.2M
12 mesh 29,30 0.6M-1.2M
Note: 1.) The above specifications could be Hot Dipped Galvanized Before or after Weaving, Or Electro Galvanized Before or After Weaving.
2.) Packing: Each roll in Water Proof Paper, the in Hessian Cloth

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